FAQs - Booking and payments


How can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by contacting us via email at info@clarusprivatehealth.com or by phone at 07484263873. We will normally aim to get back to you within the hour to discuss your booking.


I have private health insurance - can I book an appointment?

Yes, we welcome clients who have private health insurance. We work with major insurance providers like Bupa, Vitality Health, Cigna and Aviva. CONTACT US to book an appointment.


If I have private health insurance, what is the payment process?

 We will need confirmation of: 

  • Membership no.
  • Authorisation no.
  • Any excess on policy

We will bill the insurance company directly except for any excess payable by you. 

I am self funded - can I book an appointment?

Yes, we welcome clients who are self funded. CONTACT US to book an appointment or discuss your requirements.


If I am self funded, what is the payment process?

Normally we ask pre payment to secure an appointment.  Payment  is through BACS transfer. A confirmation of the appointment will be sent once the payment is received. 

Can I be referred through my GP?

Yes, we also welcome any clients who have been referred through a GP. 

FAQs - Assessment and Treatments


What problems do you deal with?

We deal with range of mental health problems like anxiety, depression, phobias, OCD, PTSD, Adult ADHD, peri natal, bipolar disorder and psychosis.


Do you carry out mental capacity assessments?

Yes, we work with private clients and solicitors to prepare mental capacity assessment reports. These may be required for  Court of Protection, making a will or setting up a power of attorney. For more information please click on tab below


What will my consultation entail?

Consultation involves eliciting a comprehensive history, carrying out mental state examination and developing a formulation. This leads to diagnosis. We will then develop a management and treatment plan with you. We use evidence based treatments according to recognised guidelines like NICE & BAP. Further information about consultation can be found on tab below.


Where can I have my consultation?

Consulting rooms are located in Essex and London. These are in Harley Street, South Kensington High Street, South Woodford, Upminster and Southend-on-Sea. These are all excellent facilities accessible via road and public transport. 


What happens after the assessment?

Dr. Agrawal will develop the treatment plan with you during your consultation. A written report will then be sent to you and usually your GP (with your consent). If there are any queries regarding your treatment, phone and email advice is routinely available after the consultation.  Any follow up appointments can be arranged subsequently if needed.

FAQs - General


What happens if I cannot make my appointment?

If you cannot attend, please cancel at least 24 hours before your appointment. There is a cancellation fee for late cancellation or not attending the appointment. To cancel your appointment please call us on 07484263873 or email us at info@clarusprivatehealth.com


How do I know my personal data is being protected?

We place a strong emphasis on confidentiality. We are registered with Information Commissioner's Office for Data Protection requirements. 


Can I provide feedback?

Yes, we welcome all feedback. All clients are sent an electronic feedback form to complete following their consultation. If you would like to send in any additional comments, please email us at info@clarusprivatehealth.com


Can I make a complaint?

Yes, we are always looking to improve our services and we value what our clients think. If you would like to make a formal complaint, please email us at info@clarusprivatehealth.com. We will work with you to resolve any issues at the earliest.

I cannot find my question in the FAQs?

Please eamil us directly at info@clarusprivatehealth.com for any queries that you may have and we will be happy to help.