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Who we are

Clarus provides private mental health and mental capacity assessment services to residents of Essex and surrounding areas. Dr Vishal Agrawal is Director and lead consultant at Clarus. A psychiatrist with over 16 years experience of working in psychiatry, Dr Agrawal brings his wide range of clinical skills to Clarus. 

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Mental Health Clinic

We offer private mental health services for full range of psychiatric problems. This includes comprehensive assessments, diagnosis and evidence based treatments. We work on an outcomes approach so as to evidence benefits of treatment.

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Some examples of problems we offer support for are:

Anxiety disorders

Depression and low mood

Adjustment disorders

Eating disorders

Post traumatic stress disorders

Bipolar disorders

Psychotic disorders

Adult ADHD

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Mental Capacity Assessment

We also offer mental capacity assessment services. To apply for Court of Protection, Power of Attorney or for Testamentary Capacity, a mental capacity assessment of an individual may be required. We offer this either at our consulting chambers or individual's place of residence. 

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Ph. No. 07484263873

E mail: info@clarusprivatehealth.com